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"It's a pleasure for me to recommend Josh. We've worked together on partnerships over the last 3+ years and he's one of those rare pros who combines a real savvy for strategy with a manner that just makes you want to keep working with him. He built incredible partnerships for my organization that brought us immediate value while opening important doors for artists within the content ecosystem. He's also connected us with numerous filmmakers and other creatives who were doing work aligned with our mission, but who we never would have found on our own."

Ted Richane, Senior Director of Engagement and Impact at Vulcan Inc.

"Josh became an invaluable partner to me in my time as Head of Production at Airbnb. He helped me navigate the film industry and provided inroads that helped us produce our first feature-length documentary, Gay Chorus Deep South. He supported our efforts to become filmmakers by seeing the potential impact that brands and companies can have in this space beyond traditional marketing-driven content. Josh's extensive knowledge of the independent film industry, as well as his understanding of the goals of commercial organizations make him a valuable partner for anyone working at the intersection of these two worlds. He is also a lovely human being."

Rachel Holbrook, Head of Content & Production / Executive Producer / Filmmaker at Airbnb

"Joshua is the rock. Let me explain. In 2016, I was working for Digital Promise on an initiative with Oculus providing 360 filmmaking resources to youth around the US. Joshua invited me to an event he organized connecting filmmakers from SFFILM's FilmHouse residency program (of which I was a resident) with contacts from several Industries throughout his address book. That night, he introduced me to Blair Palmer from UNICEF, one of the numerous connections he made that night. That introduction kicked off a journey that led to the creation of a global collaboration between Digital Promise, Oculus, and the United Nations SDG Action Campaign. In 2019 alone hundreds of youth created 76 impactful media projects in 24 countries all over the world. And all of that work can be traced back to Joshua taking steps to help budding filmmakers find a foothold."

Dimitri William Moore, Producer at Circus Street

"I've had the exquisite pleasure of building equitable partnerships between HBO and SFFILM during Joshua's tenure. His grace, affability, humbleness and overall approach to relationship building really stands out in the environment we find ourselves in with many arts organizations. While my focus with the partnership was primarily talent, event and programming related, Joshua also managed the collaboration with my CSR colleague on the Emerging Artist Luncheons at the Festival and an Elevating Underrepresented Voices Panel during the Doc Stories event. His work in those areas were of particular interest to HBO as they align with our shared vision of access to the arts for all peoples, especially those underserved in our community. Joshua is a true gem and a pleasure to collaborate with!"

Suzanne Twing, Director, Special Events at WarnerMedia Entertainment (HBO | HBO Max | TNT | TBS | truTV)

"Josh is in his soul a connector, a listener, and a powerful advocate for emerging filmmakers. That's when Josh reached out with a personalized invitation to attend a panel he was hosting at SFFILM. The panel was good. Josh was great. He knew every single person in the room, what film they were working on, what need they had, what opportunities were in the room, and I'm pretty sure everyone there thought Josh was their best friend. I know I did. What's evident about Josh is that he genuinely loves what he does, he is passionate about great documentary films and he loves the people behind them. Josh saw my potential when others didn't and he advocated for me in at least a dozen situations, introducing me to some of the top documentarians in the world. He even came to my DCP test at Dolby Labs, where of course he was best friends with the manager. CIRCLES did well, premiered at Hot Docs and is getting distributed by Lionsgate. When Josh asks me to come meet a friend who is working on his first, second or third film, I'm there, and I try to embody that same spirit of advocacy and support that Josh taught me."

Cassidy Friedman, Producer/Director at Stories Matter Media

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