The last five years have ushered in a new era of content options for consumers, available on multiple platforms, developed, produced and distributed by more people, representing a greater range of voices, perspectives, and life experiences, than ever. I have seen firsthand all the ways studios, streaming platforms, tech, and businesses dipping their toes into original content for the first time, are navigating this very fluid, very complicated ecosystem.

I bring this deep experience and 360 degree perspective to analyzing the best approach to get your business’s story out into the world. I will help you understand how best to work with the artist community, develop content that aligns with your business goals, leverage partnerships for growth and exposure, and ultimately, get your content to its rightful audience.

Skill areas:

  • Artist relations
  • Branded content development
  • Creative agency management
  • Distribution
  • Film festivals
  • New audience engagement

Joshua Reiman
All rights reserved 2020
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