About Me

I am a builder. I always have been. When I was younger, I always found a way to step into roles that brought communities together - organizing student body associations, athletic teams, mission-driven social groups. As my world grew bigger, I steered my energy toward helping companies, NGOs, and governments create equity and opportunity for the communities they serve.

  • I was the first native English teacher in a Spanish village, before building my fundraising chops in disaster relief.
  • In India, I was an early designer of corporate social responsibility models, before helping to develop the higher education system in Ethiopia.
  • Later, I ran media and communications organizations in the Middle East, before helping SFFILM grow into an industry leader through partnerships across the worlds of film, tech, and finance.

Some people have a grand plan. I did not. I followed my passions and curiosity, and in doing so, learned how to build deep relationships, identify mutually beneficial interests, and develop plans and tactics to achieve strategic growth.

Joshua Reiman
All rights reserved 2020
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